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What is BookCoverly?


BookCoverly is a software app that allows you to create and submit your own print or e-book covers.

This software was first developed back in 2007 and was hugely popular for many years until it was discontinued in 2016. We have acquired and resurrected the program with new updates and better functionality.

As the self-publishing market continues to flourish, more authors are turning to a trusted DIY solution that provides them secure, reliable service while maintaining confidentiality in their work. 

There are many e-book apps in the market, but very few print book apps. This program was one of the very first to offer the printed option. Today, as a result of a saturation of e-books, printed books are starting to make a resurgence -- and our software appeals to those who need both formats.

BookCoverly specifically serves two markets: Independent Authors who want full control over creating their own book covers, and Graphic Designers who don't want to use expensive programs. It's easy to learn and apply and contains all the important components necessary for designing a high-quality cover.

The Professional version comes with 26 pre-designed templates. More templates are included with the Enterprise version.

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